Things To Look For (and avoid) When Searching For A Wedding Photographer


All of the brides that I’ve worked with agree; selecting a wedding photographer ranks up there as one of the most important things you have to consider when planning for your special day. As if you already didn’t have enough on your plate with all of the prep work involved, there is the daunting task of selecting the right wedding photographer who will be able to capture those precious moments that will last a lifetime. Although I’m no photographer, I can offer some hints & tips from a floral designer and wedding coordinator’s perspective.

With the market being saturated with so much talent, finding the right photographer isn’t easy, especially when considering things such as budget, style, and reputation, etc. If  you Google “wedding photographers” in your area, you can only imagine how many different results pop up. So how do you decide which photographer is the right one? Obviously you want a talented professional; one with a keen eye to be able to capture the essence of the wedding from the bride and groom, to the wedding parties and guests, table settings, decorations and the floral designs. After deciding on some potential candidates, your final decision should really come down to whom you feel you can trust to meet and/or exceed your expectations once you’ve met with them.


Matthew Coleman, a wedding photographer in the Athens, GA area (, says his approach when initially meeting the bride & groom, is to ensure them (above everything else), that it will be a worry-free experience. “I think that one of the most important things a bride can do is hire someone they trust. I let all of my clients know that they can enjoy themselves on their big day and not worry. We have years of experience, take extra precautions to make sure everything is double shot (2 photographers), backed up, and covered. We arrive early and leave late. So instead of having to worry, my clients can rest assured that I am doing more than they will ever know to make sure their photos are perfect.” I totally agree with Matthew; the clients’ wants, wishes, and needs are  top priority.

Many people will rely on “word of mouth” (one of the best forms of advertising) in selecting a wedding photographer. It is rather comforting, to be able to rely on the comments of people you know who have had a positive experience previously. And while that seems to be a fail-safe way to approach the selection process, I feel that you still owe it to yourself to at least go online and see what (and who) is out there.  A good idea would be to look into various  trusted online resources such as Virtually every online wedding-related website will provide you with ample information for your research. There are even free printed publications such as “The Classic Wedding Magazine” which you can check out as well. Click on the photo below to check out their website: (The floral design shown in the cover photo are mine and photo taken by Matthew Coleman).


In the end, you pretty much know what you would like to see when you look at your wedding photos. Although finding the wedding photographer requires work, the results are well worth the effort! Hope this helps – please feel free to email me @ with any questions and/or feedback.





*All floral arrangements in this post were done by Sheila Rivera. All photos were taken by Matthew Coleman Photography and used with his permission. Click on the photo above to see more of Matthew’s amazing work.