Top Questions My Brides To Be Ask About Setting Up Their Wedding


by Sheila Rivera

 Aaawww…….so you just got engaged and set a date; exciting times! After making the announcement to all of your family, friends, co-workers, etc., emotions are definitely on high. But then, before you know it, the questions and ultimately the worrying slowly set in. “Where do I begin?” “What do I do first?” 

As a wedding coordinator in Athens, Georgia, one of the very first things I always do whenever I am hired is be prepared to answer the barrage of questions that are usually asked during the initial wedding consultation. It’s expected because there is always one common denominator that I see whenever I coordinate weddings….. brides get nervous. Period. It is what it is. You can’t avoid it. And rightfully so, because there’s so much to worry about, so much planning, all of the details to consider – it can drive anyone bonkers! Overwhelming, to say the least…
So for the initial wedding consultation, my strategy is pretty straightforward; bring peace….calm…..tranquility…..some woo-saaaaahhh to the situation from the get-go.
I always assure my brides by letting them know, “It’s your  wedding. You need to think about what’s important to both of you”. Of course, one can never go wrong with a traditional wedding, but I always encourage my brides to go with what inspires them.- “be creative!” I always say. And most brides already have a good idea of what they would like their fantasy wedding to look like, so it’s my job (with my experience in wedding planning and floral designs) to discern what they tell me and make that fantasy become a reality.
I usually have an order of topics which need to be discussed in order to get things rolling. One of the very first things that I do is that I always direct my brides to The Knot wedding site. Another great wedding planner site is Borrowed and Blue. Both are awesome sites for brides-to-be as they provide tools such as calendars, loads of great wedding tips/ideas, tools for budgeting, a wedding registry, and even set up your own little personal wedding webpage. Very cool indeed.  Both are excellent sources to check out – highly recommended.
Some of the topics we go over (so I can best determine how to create your wedding) is pretty basic stuff. But you’ll be surprised at how many small details which may/may not be left out that make all the difference in the world. Some items that should be considered immediately are:
– Choosing a location (venue)
– Is it a family and kid friendly wedding or is it an adult only wedding?
– What is your style? Classic, shabby chic, rustic?
– When considering a venue, you also have to think… guest count…rain plan…what do they offer for the price?
Everything else that follows; bridal bouquets, flowers, boutonnieres, themes, decorations, music, caterers, the ceremony, the reception, etc need to be planned out as well (of course), but that’s another blog for another day. (Please stay tuned!) But as a newly-engaged bride-to be, I want you to realize that the main thing is….it’s your wedding, So relax. I got this…
Check out this video  produced by the  terrific folks @ Iris Films
( for a great example of a beautiful wedding (I had a blast working with this amazing couple, btw!).
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